Food of Faith

The Food of Faith ministry provides food for 115 elementary age children in need from three local schools.  This ministry provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner every Saturday and Sunday.

You can help sponsor a child for $15 per month or by donating the items below at the Center of Hope at 319 Main Street East in Oak Hill, WV.

Items needed include:

Ramen Noodles

Individual microwaveable Chef Boyardee pastas

Pop Tarts

Cereal Bars

Granola Bars

Individual Applesauce Cups

Individual Pudding Cups

Flavored Oatmeal

Single Cereal Servings

Cheese Crackers

Peanut Butter Crackers

Small Individual Cookie Packs

Goldfish Crackers

Fruit Snacks

Small Individual Chips or Pretzels

Small Individual Pringles

Rice Krispy Treats

Hot Chocolate Packets

Juice Boxes