Warm Hands From Warm Hearts is an outreach ministry that serves to provide gloves, coats, hats, and socks to needy children and the homeless.

Mike Bone is the founder and President of Warm Hands From Warm Hearts.  Warm Hands From Warm Hearts was placed in his heart many years ago.  In October of 2013 Mike decided to be faithful and carry out the plans God had for him in ministry.  The first year consisted of sharing the love of God through supplying gloves and toboggans for Elementary school students throughout Fayette County, WV. God is allowing Mike to share his life testimony of how he was saved as a young man and lived many years without allowing God to have first place in his life.  Throughout this time God was building a foundation for Warm Hands From Warm Hearts that not only changed Mike's life but the lives of many.

The mission of Warm Hands From Warm Hearts has changed now to include gloves, hats, scarfs, socks and winter jackets for the children.  Just this year God lead Warm Hands From Warm Hearts to the flooded areas of WV to supply backpacks full of school supplies for over 1,300 children. Warm Hands From Warm Hearts also works at a soup kitchen once a month and not only shares a meal, but feeds the souls of our friends with the Gospel and with "Blessing Bags" full of personal care items.  What started as a dream is now reality because God is still performing miracles today.  Warm Hands From Warm Hearts started in 2013 with a goal of serving 50 kids and has now served over 3,500 kids in 2016.

In September of 2016 God amazed us again by providing a store front for our ministry.  The Center for Hope became the location and space we needed to share the love of God to those in need and has also provided a space where we can meet and counsel with hurting hearts.  Please pray that God will use this place of ministry to change lives for his glory!

Favorite quote: "To be a missionary you don't have to cross the sea, you have to see the Cross."

Mike Bone and Kim, his wife of 29 years, have two daughters named Laken and Taren.